Material lexicon: Chromosulfate board

Chromo sulphate board: Versatile robustness and print quality

Are you interested in high-quality packaging materials? In this article you will learn more about chromo sulphate board, a popular choice in the packaging industry.

What is chromosulfate board?

Chromosulfate board, also known as coated sulfite board, is a versatile and durable material often used for Packaging and Inlays, printing products and graphic applications is used. It consists of a mix of wood pulp and pulp, which is coated with a layer of kaolin (China Clay) and binding agents.

The cardboard is characterized by its smooth and very even surface, which is ideal for high-quality printing results. The coating greatly reduces the absorbency of the cardboard, which means that colors and inks adhere better to the surface and enable brilliant, detailed prints.

Advantages of chromo sulphate board

Chromosulphate board offers a number of advantages that make it an attractive choice for various applications:

  • Excellent print quality: The smooth surface and high ink absorption capacity enable razor-sharp prints with extremely vivid colors.
  • Robustness: The cardboard is stable and resistant, which makes it ideal for packaging various types of products.
  • Versatility: Thanks to its properties, chromosulfate board is suitable for both offset and gravure printing and many other printing techniques.
  • Environmental friendliness: Many chromosulphate boxes are available from sustainable sources and can be recycled, reducing environmental impact.
  • Protection and presentation: The box not only offers protection for the contents, but also presents them attractively and professionally.

Whether for packaging consumer goods, advertising materials or printed products – chromosulphate board is a proven option to optimally meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.

Additional areas of application: In addition to its use in the packaging industry and printing, chromosulfate board is also used in areas such as greeting cards, book covers, brochures and product labels. The versatile possible uses illustrate its importance in today's material world.

With its impressive print quality, strength and environmental friendliness, chromo sulphate board offers an excellent combination of properties that make it a major player in the world of materials.