Design an individual farewell gift for employees

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Whether after 10, 20 or 25 years, farewells are painful and sad, because every employee enriches a company not only with their good performance, but also with their nature and humanity.

 Friendships are created that make everyday working life more enjoyable and employees build a bond with the company. Below you will find out how to wrap your farewell gift for employees in a dignified and special way.

Why a farewell gift for employees is so important

It is often the small gestures in life, whether private or professional, that have a lasting effect and are remembered for a long time. Be it a gift for a birthday, Christmas or just for Farewell. A gift shows appreciation, especially if it has a personal and individual touch.

With a farewell gift, you will be remembered fondly by your employees and ensure a positive reputation. Satisfied employees are happy to recommend your company and ensure outstanding reviews. Reviews that are essential for your company, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, because these are available to potential employees on sites like and are accessed very often, even before the application process even starts.

The right packaging for emotional farewell gifts

Zwei Faktoren spielen beim schenken eine ganz entscheidende Rolle – Intention und Emotion. Denn egal was sich innerhalb der Verpackung verbirgt, die Aufmachung des Geschenkes und die damit einhergehende Intention entscheidet über Erfolg und Authentizität. Ein gutes Geschenk ist persönlich, individuell, emotional und kommt von Herzen.

You probably won't achieve much with a bottle of wine wrapped in wrapping paper, because it immediately becomes clear that you're trying to fob off your employee as easily as possible. Go into a little more detail when designing farewell gifts for employees.

Hochwertige Geschenkbox mit Inlay (Kissen)

The packaging sets the tone

The moment when the gift is handed over is usually the most beautiful. The recipient receives the gift full of anticipation and puzzles over the contents of the packaging. The feel of the gift packaging plays a big role here, as it allows a sensory organ that is important for giving gifts to be effectively addressed.

A good farewell gift wrap is:

  • High quality and robust
  • Emotional and individual
  • Haptically and visually special

Customized packaging for the perfect farewell gift for employees

Eine Verpackung ist nicht gleich eine Verpackung. Es gibt eine Vielzahl an Verpackungen, die sich in Farbe, Form und Qualität unterscheiden. Diese Parameter können genutzt werden, um eine möglichst individuelle, auf Ihr Unternehmen und die Mitarbeiter abgestimmte Verpackung zu gestalten. Auch eine Veredelung, in Form einer Bedruckung oder eine Heißfolienprägung, können verwendet werden, um der Verpackung eine individuelle Optik zu verleihen.

The individualization of your packaging is possible even in small quantities.

Options for enhancing your farewell gifts for employees:

  • Color: Choose the right one from a variety of colors and design your farewell gift in your company colors.
  • Shape: Round, rectangular or square, almost anything is possible. Choose the form that best suits your company.
  • Printing: Print the packaging for your farewell gift for employees with a nice message or a team photo.
  • Embossing: Emboss your company logo, a message or a farewell saying on the packaging. This way you are guaranteed to reach your employees. Hot foil stamping looks very elegant and exclusive.
  • Die-cut: With a die-cut you can punch shapes, fonts and the like directly into the packaging. A viewing window or a recess can also create an exciting effect.

Options for the inner packaging of your farewell gifts for employees:

  • Foam mold: A foam mold is a high-quality form of inner packaging. The foam shape can be perfectly matched to the gift inside and can fix and enhance it. For example, embed a small bottle of wine
  • Paper insert: Paper inserts are particularly suitable for light objects that need to be secured within the packaging. The required shapes are punched into the paper insert using a punch. For example, you can fix a voucher or a greeting card in the packaging.

Beautiful packaging to say goodbye – 3 ideas

So that you can emotionally package and present your farewell gift for employees, high-quality gift packaging is essential. Below you will find 3 types of packaging that can be customized and are ideal for farewell gifts.

Magnetic boxes - The special effect when opening and closing

Magnetic boxes close as if by magic using a magnet integrated into the edge. The packaging looks very elegant, is of high quality and has a unique feel. The special feeling when opening the magnetic box creates positive emotions and a wonderful gift experience. The magnetic box can be customized in many ways and is therefore perfect as a farewell gift for employees. The high-quality boxes can also be filled with heavy objects thanks to the robust base. For example, creative event boxes can be designed with delicious snacks and Drinks.

Abschiedsgeschenk Mitarbeiter Magnetbox

Gift idea / individualization: With our magnetic box you have countless possibilities. For example, package a bottle of wine with a personal cover letter or a very special product that connects you with your company or your employees. Something very special and unique. Our magnetic boxes can be customized and refined even in small quantities.

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Premium boxes - variety for your farewell gifts

Premium boxes consist of three parts: A lid, a middle section and a base. These are manufactured in Germany from high-quality, sustainable materials and are of the highest quality both visually and to the touch. We can supply you with many different color combinations from stock.

Gift idea / individualization: Our premium packaging is available from stock in various sizes and colors. Simply choose from our diverse range. If you cannot find the right color, it is possible to have individual premium packaging produced even for small quantities. You also have the option of finishing.

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