Christmas greetings to customers – tips & tools for strong customer loyalty

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For many people, Christmas is at the top of their list of annual celebrations. At Christmas, people give each other beautiful presents and send loving greetings.

Christmas greetings to customers are also very important in the business sector, because they are a good tool to show appreciation to business partners and increase the customer experience.

The Christmas greeting at the end of the year is a good opportunity to say thank you for the good cooperation and to be remembered positively by customers and business partners. In order for the Christmas greetings to have the desired effect, they should be authentic and creative.

Christmas greetings to customers – the possibilities

Christmas greetings to customers can be communicated via a variety of channels. Either digitally, by email, by post in the form of a Christmas card or gift or by telephone.

  • Christmas greetings by email
  • Personal contact by telephone
  • Christmas greetings as a card by post
  • Gift (Gift box for Christmas) + Christmas greetings by post

Which option you choose depends very much on the size of the company, the number of customers and the type of relationship you have with your customers. For companies that generate their sales from a few large customers, it is a good idea to make the Christmas greeting as personal as possible and to contact a direct contact person. However, companies with many customers, most of whom are not very familiar, can make the greeting less time-consuming but still effective.

Christmas greetings by email

Sending Christmas greetings to customers by email is by far the easiest and most cost-effective option. Once set up, the email can be sent to hundreds or thousands of customers via an existing distribution list in a matter of seconds. However, a few points should be taken into account:

  • Personalize the email and speak to the customer directly if possible. When creating customer contacts, always make sure that a contact person is defined so that they can be selected as a variable for your personalized emails.
  • Try to make the email emotional and take your time to find the right wording. Include 1-2 images in the email. Maybe a Christmas team photo or a picture of the managing director.
  • Optional: Attach a small gift to the email. Maybe a small voucher or an invitation to a company event.

Christmas greetings by telephone

Do you have a really good connection with your customers? Then just use Christmas as an opportunity to pick up the phone again and find out how business is going. Nothing is more valuable than a personal connection with the customer. Here you can find out directly whether there are any changes, whether there are conflicts or whether the competition is currently offering a better offer. This gives you the opportunity to act directly, configure a new offer or convince the customer of your added value.

  • Direct contact with customers and personal contact are very valuable for customer loyalty.
  • There is an opportunity to resolve any existing conflicts or address concerns.
  • Does the competition have a better offer? You can find out straight away over the phone and act accordingly.

Christmas greetings as a card by post

In times when communication, especially in everyday company life, is largely distributed over digital channels, an analogue greeting can provide a very special experience. Christmas cards can be made from high-quality materials with a beautiful feel and individually printed. Christmas and emotional greetings in combination with a beautiful motif and the company's branding can be easily implemented. The card receives special fine tuning through various finishing processes. 

  • A nice change from the otherwise largely digital communication.
  • Cards can be extravagantly designed and refined. (embossing, printing, punching)
  • In contrast to email, there is a haptic experience.

Gift + Christmas greetings by post

Most companies already know that Christmas greetings to customers are an effective tool. If you want to exploit the full potential, you can also add a small gift to the Christmas card and stand out from the crowd of greeting cards.

Very popular at Christmas: individual gift boxes/gift sets

Gift sets are particularly popular with companies. Here, both the design of the packaging and the selection of products can be individually designed. Gift sets offer a lot of scope for creativity and make it possible to adapt the company gift precisely to the look and feel of the company.

Gift boxes are available in different qualities. Starting with the basic gift packaging - folding box, via the Magnetbox, to the Premium- Packaging for particularly high-quality Christmas greetings. Which one you choose depends, among other things, on the budget that is available for the Christmas greetings.