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🎁 Gifts that are wrapped with lots of love or products that are presented in a unique way - that's what can inspire other people and make them happy. But what about the packaging? High-quality and appealing packaging is very important to leave a lasting impression. Our blog is all about packaging. We offer you tips, tricks and inspiration from A-Z on how to wrap your gifts and products in style and inspire others.

Special gift boxes & gift ideas for special people

Gifts are our passion! That's why we founded ideas in boxes. This blog brings together beautiful gift ideas and tips for emotional gift boxes and current topics related to the topic and gift and pack. The main focus of the blog is on high-quality and creative gift packaging, as we noticed that there is still a great need for this. Especially when it comes to sustainable packaging.

Giving means giving something to someone else that you would prefer to keep for yourself.

Gift-giving is all about emotions and the intention of the giver. That's why it takes a little research beforehand to find out the recipient's preferences and wishes and create the perfect gift. What does the right gift box look like? How do I create an emotional gift? How can a gift be enhanced and refined? You'll find answers to all these questions here.

The perfect gift box

What does the perfect gift box actually look like? First of all, a gift box should be of high quality and fit well in the hand. With a nice feel, the box speaks directly to the recipient's sense of touch. The more senses are addressed, the more intense the gift experience becomes. Robust material is important because this gives the box more value. It's worth spending a few euros more at this point and, for example, a magnetic box, a high-quality folding box or a Premium gift box to purchase. You can find out how the gift packaging differs here: How to find the right gift box

The perfect gift

The perfect gift comes from the heart! We often try to outdo ourselves when giving gifts. Even bigger, even more expensive... Because we want to make a good impression and show the person we're giving the gift to what they value. However, the monetary value of a gift is not so important. It's much more about showing that we've thought about the person and made an effort when selecting the gift and wrapping it. Intention + emotion = the perfect gift.

Beautiful gifts include invitations to dinner, an event or a day out for two. These can be in the form of a voucher in a Voucher packaging will be presented. Also products that the recipient has wanted for a long time. It is important that gifts, as is often the case, are not bought in consultation with the recipient and are simply wrapped, as this eliminates the entire surprise effect. Tips for the perfect birthday present, absolute NoGo gifts and much more here, in the ideas in boxes gift blog.

Tips & inspiration for festive occasions and much more

In addition to beautiful birthday gift ideas, For Valentine's Day and many other occasions of the year, you will find tips, tricks, sayings and inspiration here that will sweeten your special day. What does a woman really want for her birthday? How do you find the right men's gift? We get to the bottom of the topic of giving and show what’s behind it. On this blog you will not only find nice gift tips, but also the whole history of giving and the emotions that a good gift should convey and trigger. Our Birthday Party Guide also shows you how to organize your celebrations in an uncomplicated and stress-free manner and how to get all the party guests under one roof. Have fun while reading.

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