Folding boxes made from recycled paper – giving gifts without packaging waste

Pack with a clear conscience. With folding boxes made from recycled paper is this possible. This means that the giver and the recipient have twice the reason to be happy. You can find out here how ideas in boxes wants to give gifts more sustainably.

High-quality folding boxes instead of disposable packaging

Throughout the year there are a few occasions where gift boxes & Boxes are needed. A very popular packaging for nice surprises is the folding box. These come in many sizes, colors and shapes. However, this can often be seen in commercially available boxes. that the boxes are mostly made of thin, unstable material and are rather practical and inexpensive. Due to the thin cardboard, the folding box is usually suitable for use as disposable packaging, which then finds its way into the wastebasket.

Awareness of a sustainable lifestyle is increasing

More and more people are adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet and are attaching importance to an ecological and sustainable lifestyle. This is also reflected in the purchasing behavior of various products. The modern consumer buys high-quality goods and is willing to pay the corresponding price for them. In return, he receives high-quality products with a long shelf life.

High quality material for beautiful gifts

This trend is also evident in the packaging market. More and more customers are choosing robust folding boxes that can be reused. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturing and the stable material, such as Magnetic boxes is the case, the disposable packaging becomes reusable packaging that is filled with beautiful gifts and sent on a long journey.

Faltschachteln Magnetboxen

Turn old into new – folding boxes made from recycled material

In addition to the quality that allows multiple uses, buyers are increasingly turning to products made from recycled materials. Whether furniture or clothing, the range is getting bigger and demand is increasing. The packaging market is also moving along. The ideas in boxes range consists almost exclusively of packaging that has already completed at least one life cycle. Both private and business customers take advantage of this offer.

Companies can thus communicate their ecological and environmentally conscious corporate culture to the outside world and act as a role model.

Which folding box is right for me?

Folding boxes with slip lids or magnetic boxes, depending on the occasion and gift idea, can be the right one Packaging can be selected.

Magnetic boxes: Simply open and close, as if by magic. Thanks to the magnets integrated into the edge, the magnetic box closes comfortably and gently when the lid falls on the edge. The boxes are made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Nachhaltige Faltschachteln

Slip lid boxes: The slip lid box is the classic gift packaging. With the two-part box, the lid is pushed over the bottom. The two elements overlap. Depending on the height of the gift, the overlap may vary. The slip-lid boxes are 100% recyclable.

Nachhaltige Faltschachteln