Sustainable packaging for Christmas

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Christmas is the celebration of love and the celebration of family, but also the festival of the garbage mountains. Every year, tons of waste is created through wrapping paper and the like. In times of climate change, it is high time to rethink and switch to sustainable packaging to switch at Christmas. But what could that look like?

Reusable instead of disposable - gift box instead of wrapping paper

Delicious food, festive decorations and great gifts. Especially at Christmas, it's incredibly fun to wrap the Christmas presents you've selected with a lot of love. Wrapping paper is usually used. Red, green, colorful or in elegant silver, gold or metallic tones, the range of wrapping paper types available is almost endless. The prices of commercially available wrapping paper variants that can be found on supermarket shelves are also manageable.

The short life of wrapping paper

But the affordable price and the great variety make it difficult for us to ignore one point of criticism - sustainability. Similar to coffee-to-go cups, wrapping paper has a very short life expectancy. Just wrapped up in lovely gift ideas for Christmas, the wrapping paper is torn within seconds and flies in the shape of a ball towards the wastebasket. Unfortunately, this can hardly be avoided, as wrapping paper usually only lasts one use due to the very thin material thickness.

Do we have to give up wrapping paper entirely?

From an ecological perspective, wrapping paper is not particularly sustainable. If you still don't want to do without the beautiful paper with patterns and Christmas motifs, you should make sure that the product is made from sustainable and, ideally, recycled material. It's not difficult and with a little research you can quickly find it online and offline in stores.

Nachhaltig verpacken – Die Geschenkbox macht´s möglich

Whether it's the coffee-to-go cup in question or the shipping packaging from Amazon, sustainability is a big issue across all industries and products. However, when it comes to gift wrapping, we are still at a very early stage. Consumers are often not fully aware of how high the total annual volume of wrapping paper is, as they only need a few meters of it on various occasions throughout the year.

Nachhaltig verpacken - Geschenkbox schwarz gold

Premium gift box - black and gold: The high-quality gift box consists of three parts - base, middle and lid.

Gift box goes reusable – sustainable packaging

Once, twice or three times - a high-quality gift box can be used repeatedly until the signs of wear become unsightly or the function is too severely impaired. After unpacking, the gift box can be used  can be recycled. Be it as gift packaging for upcoming events or as a storage box for various utensils. There are no limits to creativity here.

Reusing gift boxes - everything speaks for it

Anyone who wraps their gifts sustainably it is best to use a high-quality gift box. Informing the recipient that the box can be given away as a gift can also ensure that it stays in circulation for longer. The more people join this gift culture, the faster it will be integrated.

Design and decorate gift boxes

Similar to wrapping paper, gift boxes come in a variety of colors and patterns. These can be customized later with a beautiful greeting card, a gift bow or a gift ribbon. And these props can also be recycled if used correctly.

Nachhaltig verpacken - Magnetbox

Magnetic box black: Impresses with the special closure, with magnets in the lid and the front. The box is very robust and durable.

Company as a role model –
Sustainable packaging for Christmas

The volume of gifts is not only large in the private sector. Companies also use gifts at Christmas as a tool for customer loyalty or as a gift for loyal employees. Here, companies can act in an exemplary manner and pack gifts sustainably. This leaves a good impression and takes a stand on ecological orientation and sustainable production.