Birthday wishes and sayings for employees

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Even in private life, it is often not easy to formulate a suitable saying for a loved one's birthday. What makes things more difficult in the company is that the person receiving the gift is often not very familiar. To ensure that your birthday wishes for employees are still well received, you can use this guide as a guide.

Humor is often in the eye of the beholder and anyone who doesn't understand the humor of the other person will quickly find themselves on thin ice. It is therefore advisable, especially with new employees, to keep the irony on the back burner for the time being so as not to give the wrong impression.

Birthday wishes as a team building measure

In order to maintain and strengthen harmony and team spirit in the company, it is important to show appreciation and attention to your employees and colleagues.

Appreciation promotes cohesion and a sense of belonging. The employee identifies more quickly with the company values and is proud to be an important part of the team. Personal birthday wishes from work colleagues are therefore a team building tool that should not be underestimated

In this way, you ensure a good atmosphere within the company and motivated employees who recognize and recognize their own importance in the company.

Pack birthday wishes as a thank you

Birthday wishes provide an excellent opportunity to say thank you for good work, cooperation and collegial behavior. The thank you can easily be integrated into the birthday wishes. A few kind and motivating words on the special day loosen up the working atmosphere and resolve conflicts.

As an entrepreneur, you strengthen your Employee Branding and position yours Brand as an attractive employer. In times of acute shortage of skilled workers, this gives you a big advantage over the competition. Thank your employees honestly and sincerely and achieve a lasting effect.

Birthday wishes by e-mail or greeting card?

Just like with gifts, birthday wishes focus on the intention. Emotions are usually easier to generate in a personal conversation than via email.

Birthday wishes by email (not recommended): If you as an employer do not have the option of sending birthday wishes to every employee as a greeting card, you can alternatively go the digital route and send your birthday greetings by email. Make sure that the email does not look like a duplicate standard email that is automatically sent to employees. Add an individual, personal touch. For example, you can include a personalized voucher in the attachment that the employee can redeem using a voucher code.

Birthday wishes via greeting card (recommended): However, you have many more options available to you with the analogue, physical version. Here you can beautifully present the card full of birthday wishes for employees and expand it with a small gift idea.

Write emotional and personal birthday greetings

Basically, most birthday letters differ only slightly and usually contain the core elements: love, happiness, success and hope. Go one step further and set up your employees emotional and honest birthday wish aus.

Basics for a successful birthday wish

  • Personal and loving salutation
  • Creative wording of congratulations instead of “Happy Birthday”
  • Positive and humorous writing style
  • Thank you for the good work and commitment
  • Future visions and plans for further cooperation
  • Do not give criticism or advice

Find the right tonality

A birthday is an emotional occasion. Most employees come to the company in the morning with a certain level of expectation and look forward to congratulations from colleagues and employers. To hit the mark with your birthday wishes, you need to find the right tone.

Make sure you formulate your birthday wishes in a personal, emotional way. Letters that are too matter-of-fact often sound very listless and forced, as if they were only intended to fulfill one's duty. Of course, you don't want to create this impression. 

Examples of emotional birthday wishes

Example 1: “Dear Ms. Müller, the new year of your life awaits you with open arms and hopefully has many beautiful moments, experiences and surprises in store for you.

We are very grateful to you for your dedicated work and the great achievements that you bring to this company every day.

We wish you much success, happiness and health for the coming year.”

Example 2: “Dear Mr. Schneider, we wish you that you start the new year of your life well and happily with your colleagues, friends and acquaintances. 

We are very pleased to have found a dedicated employee like you and would like to thank you very much for your commitment. We wish you all the best both professionally and privately.”

Birthday wishes in a box

In order to properly stage and enhance the birthday wishes for employees, you can embed them in an individually designed gift idea. Here, for example, gift boxes as these can be equipped as desired and tailored to the employee. Fill the gift boxes with filling material and place beautifully presented gifts on top.

Make sure that you select special products, not run-of-the-mill products, not off-the-shelf products. Because your birthday greeting should be just as special as you as an employer and your relationship with your employees.

Example box:

Our example box consists of high-quality premium gift packaging, filled with filling material and a handmade real wood calendar nestled in the middle of the box. This Box can Can be decorated as desired and customized with gift ribbon or a bow. The birthday wishes for employees, in the form of a greeting card, can either be inserted into the box or applied to the box.

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