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A business relationship is valuable and should be treated and nurtured accordingly. Regular visits and small gifts to business partners can be used as good instruments here. Gifts to business partners can also bring you tax advantages. You will find a wealth of tips below.

So your gift remains tax-free

Gifts to business partners are a nice gesture and are sure to bring great joy to the recipient. To ensure that this joy remains undimmed and that the small gift does not ultimately cause any problems, a few factors must be taken into account, because the recipient may have to pay taxes on the total value of the gift.

Up to what exemption limit are gifts to business partners tax-free?

Gifts to business partners are tax-free up to a purchase value of €10 (incl. VAT). If this amount is exceeded, tax is due on the total value. The tax rate for this is 30%.

Flat-rate taxation for gifts to business partners

Another solution to keep the gift really tax-free for the recipient is to tax the gift yourself. This is done according to § 37b EStG flat rate with a tax rate of 30%. (plus church tax and solidarity surcharge). The recipient no longer has to pay anything when the tax is taken over.

  • Gifts to business partners are tax-free up to a value of €10 (incl. VAT).
  • If the total value of €10 is exceeded, the full amount is taxed (tax rate: 30%).
  • The giver can pay tax on the gift in advance to relieve the recipient.

Claiming gifts to business partners as business expenses

And gifts to business partners can also have financial benefits for you as an entrepreneur. Gifts amounting to €35 per person per year can be claimed as business expenses. If the total value of the gift is higher, the full amount is taxable.

  • The total value of the gift must not exceed €35.
  • The gift can be claimed as a business expense.
  • If the total value exceeds €35, the full amount must be taxed.

Creative gifts instead of pens

The ballpoint pen and the annual calendar in the company CI are probably the most frequently given items by far. Not particularly imaginative, but occasionally very practical. In addition, an annual calendar decorates the recipient's wall for 12 months at best. However, if you want to leave a lasting impression and convince your business partner of the quality and value of your company, you should dig a little deeper into your bag of tricks.

"A gift is worth as much as the love with which it was chosen." (Thyde Monnier)

Take the time and think about what defines the company you are giving the gift to. Where are the core competencies? What does the company stand for? What's behind the philosophy?These considerations make the subsequent creation and selection of gifts easier for you. Match the gift packaging to the recipient and show that you have put thought and effort into it, as this is guaranteed to flatter the recipient. An individually tailored gift to a business partner is much more sustainable and impressive than a ballpoint pen printed with your own company logo.

  • Think about the business partner's corporate philosophy and points of view.
  • Don't give promotional gifts, but special gifts with character.
  • Take the time to invest in a gift idea that will strengthen your business relationship in the long term.
Geschenke an Geschäftspartner
Kreatives Geschenkset mit Wein und Trüffelschokolade

Exclusive gifts for business partners - it's the idea that counts

High-quality, exclusive and with a clear message - this is the perfect gift for business partners. If you do it cleverly, you'll match the recipient's company philosophy and convey your own brand message at the same time.

When creating a gift, you usually start with the contents and then work your way to the packaging. What should be given away? A bottle of wine with a custom label? Tickets to a special event or exclusive office sets? Think of something very special or pick out a tried and tested option and refine and individualize it.

The right gift packaging

Gift packaging is a dime a dozen. However, there is no special gift packaging. When you think of gift packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is the usual, unstable and flimsy boxes that bend downwards when you pack them. However, there is another way. High-quality gift packaging can be recognized primarily by the material used. This gets the required stability from a certain grammage (for packaging made of paper or cardboard). These packaging are usually easy to hold, are of high quality and have a nice feel.

Whether a rectangle, a circle or a diamond – gift packaging can be made in both classic and individual shapes. Does your business partner sell wedding rings? Then simply have a heart-shaped gift box made, decorated with a beautiful embossing or print. Thanks to today's technical standards, it is easily possible to take a wide variety of wishes into account and implement them.

  • High quality & exclusive
  • Sturdy material and high-quality production
  • In classic or individual forms
  • Finished with embossing or imprint
Geschenke an Geschäftspartner - Geschenkverpackungen
Gifts for business partners - Gift wrapping


Gifts to business partners can be interesting for you in two ways. On the one hand, they can bring tax advantages if used correctly, and on the other hand, special gifts can enrich and strengthen the business relationship in the long term. Show your appreciation!