Product packaging as a brand message

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Unfortunately, packaging is still underestimated by many companies these days. Full of motivation, however, you focus on the content and completely ignore the packaging, which is particularly important for impulse purchases at the POS and creates incentives to buy. We show why packaging is becoming increasingly important as a brand.

Individual product packaging as a brand message

The Product packaging is primarily for market entry is of particular importance. According to a study, more than three quarters of all consumers are influenced by their trust in the brand. One more reason to pay special attention to the packaging before entering the market so that the customer becomes interested in your product and does not routinely choose a product that is already known. A large number of consumers are loyal to brands, especially when it comes to beauty products and food.

Create trust

Accordingly, packaging can be used by manufacturers when it comes to branding and customer loyalty. Exclusive packaging with a clear brand message is therefore a primary factor in the purchasing decision.

Market opportunities for individual & creative packaging

Not one among many, but one! More than half of consumers discover the product directly at the POS, while the rest are made aware of it via TV commercials or other channels.

So stay away from familiar structures and overloaded packaging and opt for meaningful Packaging who support your brand. Already familiar packaging patterns and designs are no longer noticeable. Create something special! Forms that potential customers can still see in the flooded packaging landscape, an exclusive refinement or a very special finish.

Product packaging in online retail

Innovative product packaging is not only important for sales at the POS, online retail can also score huge points here. Nowadays you can increasingly find a picture of the packaging in the galleries of online shops. This can increase the value of the product, convey the brand message and ensure additional trust. Touchpoints through product packaging can therefore be created in the virtual world.