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Finding the right gift is not easy. That's why many gift givers use vouchers. It doesn't sound really exciting at first, but it is. In this article we will show you how you can turn your voucher gift into a real adventure with the help of creative ideas and high-quality voucher packaging.

Giving is fun and almost everything can be beautifully presented package and stage, including a voucher in paper or credit card form. Hard to believe, right?

Why you destroy friendships with bad gifts | Pack vouchers lovingly

Gifts express much more than one might think. A lot can be seen from the presentation of a gift. Gift givers often don't take much time or are in a hurry because, for example, a birthday is coming up. Events of this type can be planned very well. Accordingly, as a gift giver you should make an effort early on, because half-hearted gifts are quickly exposed and viewed negatively for years later, even if the recipient does not comment directly on it. Thoughtful gifts, on the other hand, show that you have put in the effort. Time and appreciation are the most valuable things you can give a loved one these days.

  • Loveless gifts are remembered negatively
  • Thoughtful gifts show appreciation

What shouldn't a voucher gift look like?

When you think of a gift voucher, you often associate it with a sheet of paper folded from A4 to A5, placed more conveniently than lovingly in a white envelope, or a similarly presented plastic card. Of course, the whole thing can look like this, but unfortunately in most cases it does not lead to the desired result of delighting and emotionally touching the recipient.

What should a voucher gift look like?

A voucher is usually a flat object, with little volume and has a modest effect on its own. Therefore, the voucher must or should be supplemented in order to develop its full potential. There are many creative approaches and ways to implement them. Whether a exclusive voucher packaging or a rolled voucher staged as a message in a bottle, your efforts are worth it - guaranteed!

“A gift is worth just as much as the love with which it was chosen.”

Thyde Monnier

Magnetic box with paper insert as voucher packaging

Exclusive magnetic box with filling material

A Magtnetbox is high quality, elegant and exclusive. Thanks to the magnets integrated into the edge, the box closes gently and with a quiet and sublime “click” sound. This offers a great experience for the recipient. The magnetic box offers many possibilities. For example, a magnetic box can be decorated with beautiful filling material (paper strips). The voucher in paper form or as a plastic card is embedded on the paper strip in a raised and visually representative manner.

Advantages of a magnetic box:

  • The magnets in the edge and lid are barely visible
  • Exclusive look
  • Special experience when opening and closing
  • Stable closure (can be used multiple times)
  • Can be customized
Is wrapping vouchers boring?
Not with this premium voucher packaging from ideas in boxes

This is how you can fill your magnetic box:

  • Pillow
  • Foam
  • Filling material (paper strips)
  • Sand and shells (for travel vouchers)

Magnetic box with paper insert

A specially made paper insert forms the pedestal for your voucher. The paper insert inside the box has the same color as the material of the outer packaging. This means that the overall structure appears to be cast from a single piece. Vouchers in the widely used credit card format fit into the shaped paper insert. This special form of magnetic box looks elegant and chic and was specially designed for celebratory occasions.

  • High quality and exclusive
  • Paper insert for credit card-sized vouchers

The magnetic box can also be customized with a sticker, for example. This makes it possible for the recipient to reuse the packaging. A nice wrapping paper, a ribbon around the box or a bow on the lid of the magnetic packaging complete the overall structure.

Finishing options for a magnetic box

Even more creative ideas for your voucher gift

Voucher as a message in a bottle

What is more personal than a handwritten letter? A nice message to the recipient, rolled up and stored in a decorative, clear bottle. The neck of the bottle can be tied off with a nice bow and the opening sealed with a cork. You can also roll your voucher into the handwritten message. And the inside of the bottle can also be staged. For example, you can fill the bottom with sand and place shells on top to give the scenario a holiday feel if your voucher fits the theme.

Pack the voucher in the book

If you are giving away a gift voucher or book voucher, this solution is very original. It's best to take a hardcover book, it's quite impressive. Open the hardcover and cut a hole through all the pages of the book, leaving a hole in the middle. You can insert the rolled-up or cut-out voucher into this hole. This is a nice, simple and inexpensive idea that can be implemented with a little effort.

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