Gift boxes – emotions for all occasions

Why do we actually give gifts? What motivates us to do this and why do we put so much effort into choosing the right gift? Why do we wrap the gift and not just hand it over? Gift boxes are much more than empty cardboard boxes waiting to be filled. Gift boxes are proof that you know the recipient's tastes and have made the effort to customize the box accordingly. And as we all know: first impressions count!

Giving is fun!

Anyone who is faced with the big task of choosing the right gift knows that it is often not that easy. We want to give something special, something with character and story something emotional that says “Look, I made an effort”. Giving is much more than fulfilling one's duty, giving should be fun and show the recipient that we value them, because nothing flatters us more than the sincere interest of a loved one.

Experience giving

What is life actually about? This is the crucial question that we should probably ask ourselves much more often, because this abstract-sounding phrase provides so many answers. For many, the main focus in life revolves around their job, while others love spending every free minute with their family. In this respect, everyone is wired differently and yet there are certain overlaps. Humans are born as pack animals that always try to be part of a group or family. Nobody likes to be alone! No one likes to forego attention and loving attention.


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Find the right gift box

With this background knowledge, we are well equipped to spy on and analyze the recipient. Is there a favorite color? Observe the color combinations of daily outfits or simply ask. Black and gold or blue and white? With the information you have obtained, you can now take action and create a gift box that is perfectly tailored to your taste. Click here for the gift box configurator


Fill gift boxes with life

The feel and external view: The eye eats with it - rightly so! The first impression counts and decides whether you feel positive or negative. So you should do everything you can to Gift box to give it an optical shine that can already be seen from the outside. Whether it is a silky matt finish, a surface with a linen feel or a high-gloss version depends entirely on the recipient. Our tip: The higher quality, the better! Stable Packaging with a beautiful feel, ensure an incomparable gift experience.

The interior:Once the exterior view has been perfected, we can get to work on the contents. Here you have the option to fill the packaging with nice sizzle. Sizzle are colored paper scraps or paper scraps made from colored paper, which we obtain from recycled materials. These greatly enhance the interior of the box and provide space to put the gift ideas in.

The decoration: Here too, it all depends on the recipient. Whether man or woman, whether girlfriend or mother. For the wife, it's a good idea to put a few felt hearts in the Packaging For the ambitious travel fan, for example, a few real shells are suitable. Here you can get creative and use all the information you have about the recipient as props. Additionally, put a handwritten or nicely designed and printed card in the Gift box.



Whether for a birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas ,whether for the mother or the father, our Gift boxes can be designed as desired and adapted to the respective occasion. Gift boxes are not an empty shell, but a medium that can be filled with life, emotions and great gift ideas.


Gift box – folding box 33 x 22 x 6 cm

From the “Classic” gift boxes. The flat but very long box offers plenty of space for gift ideas that don't take up much volume in height. The box made from recycled materials has a special look thanks to the shiny surface. Example gifts that fit into this box: Vouchers, sweaters, shirts...Discover now

Gift box – folding box 41 x 31 x 9 cm

Fiery red and highly shiny. Which is also from the “Classic” gift packaging, has an official length of 41 cm and provides enough volume to accommodate even the slightly larger gift ideas. Example gifts that fit in this box: Wine bottle, saying mug, books... Discover now

Gift box – folding box 15 x 15 x 11 cm

Also this Gift box Fits seamlessly into the “Classic” box family. With a width of 15 cm, this is more suitable for small gift ideas. Example gifts that fit in this box: Mug, ring with card, candy


Gift Box – Premium 41 x 9 x 31 cm

If you want something really high quality, then your search ends here. The Premium gift box is robust and stable and is also suitable for slightly heavier gifts thanks to the highest quality manufacturing (Made in Germany). The Gift packaging consists of three parts that can be individually adapted to the taste of the recipient. In addition, the material was covered with a kind of linen structure, which creates a very special look. With this box you put the crown on your gift. Discover now



Everything for the environment

  • Use of recycled cardboard and paper
  • Filling material based on 100% secondary fibers, chlorine and acid-free
  • Packaging levy


The fine tuning – gift box with lid design

What special equipment is for vehicles, the lid design is for gift boxes. The lid design gives you the opportunity to give the box a special touch. Whether it suits the occasion or is tailored to the taste of the recipient depends on the situation. There are countless ways to festively decorate the lid of the gift box.


Now it's getting colorful - gift boxes in special colors

Black, red or white? Everything is very chic and elegant! However, if you want to get really colorful, you now have the opportunity. Discover bright, unusual and original color combinations that give your gift packaging a special look.



Wedding gift box

For many, the wedding is the most beautiful day in their life and rightly so. Two hearts unite and decide to take a common path and share everything from now on. As a wedding guest, you are faced with a difficult task: finding the right gift! In addition to being a great gift idea on the inside, this should also be visually exclusive and uniquely packaged so that it looks good on the gift table. Depending on the style and theme of the wedding, you can design your gift box individually. The colors white, silver and gold are particularly suitable for a traditional wedding. A box that is essentially golden with a white lid and base, for example, looks simple, elegant and festive. The variant with a white core and golden base and lid is also impressive.


You can download the gift box guide as a PDF here