Individual packaging

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There is a lot of packaging, a lot of it! So if you want to stand out from the crowd these days, you have to offer something very special. No off-the-shelf packaging solution, no run-of-the-mill cardboard boxes, because customers have already had enough of them. We'll show you what makes individual packaging special.

Rectangular, base and lid, this is what the usual packaging that is often used today looks like. Many people overlook the fact that there are endless possibilities for designing individual packaging. Packaging not only serves to protect the product, but is also a carrier of your brand message and is intended to increase conversion at the POS.

Individual packaging – innovative shapes

If you want to stand out these days, you have to offer something very special. A packaging that is so exclusive that it stands out from the competition and overshadows them. This is not an easy undertaking due to the level of competition. A high degree of creativity is required at this point. Individual packaging concepts and innovative forms must be implemented. Shapes that harmonize with the company philosophy, corporate identity and the product. Unique shapes can be implemented with the help of punching and a wide variety of manufacturing techniques. For example, in the shape of a diamond for a jeweler, in the shape of a heart for a wedding planner or in the shape of a suitcase for a tour operator.

Refining individual packaging

Apart from the shape, there are a few other options for customizing packaging, such as embossing: This can be used either as deep embossing, embossing, blind embossing or hot foil embossing. The embossing creates a sublime overall picture that the The value of the packaging is enormously enhanced both in terms of feel and appearance.

Painting: When painting, an additional layer of paint is applied to the packaging. This can be either matt or glossy, all over or partial. Partial means that the layer is only applied to certain areas. For example, it is possible to apply the varnish to a single printed graphic or font. This effect has a positive effect on the overall appearance and gives the packaging a very special touch.

Stamping: Another option is the Stamping certain shapes. To do this, a punch must be made in advance. With the help of this, the created shapes are then punched out of the packaging in a flat state.

Individuelle Verpackungen - Prägung

Individual packaging in the 4th dimension – fragrances

There are plenty of options, you just have to know them and be able to implement them. With fragrances you can take potential customers into a whole new dimension of packaging. Give your individual packaging a light, airy scent that reflects the character of the product and touches the buyer's senses. However, care should be taken to ensure that the scent is not too striking or intrusive, but rather remains just a nice side effect that enhances the individual packaging.

Printing in special colors

Special colors are those colors that do not consist of 4 colors like normal printing, but rather colors that are specially mixed or have already been mixed. The advantage is that bright or fluorescent colors can also be implemented, which are much more brilliant than colors that come from 4-color printing. This is how your Packaging can For example, they can also be printed with neon green or neon pink and become an absolute eye-catcher. Of course, your company's corporate design should not conflict with these colors.

For quick productions in small runs: Our Magnetic boxes can be individually refined with a logo, slogan or graphic starting from 25 pieces.


Individual packaging that conquers the POS is not easy, but can be created with a lot of creativity, the right know-how and the necessary skills. Use unusual shapes, special colors and exclusive finishing methods. We are happy to help! Inquire now


About the cover photo: The cover photo is a draft for exclusive packaging. Together we find the right shape and render it using 3D programs to get the most accurate picture of the packaging.