Gift box with lid - The advantages of the resealable box

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Look at it, tear it open, throw it away, you can't usually do much more with standard gift packaging. A gift box with a lid is sustainable and offers a variety of reuse options. You can find out what these are here.

Gift packaging simply cannot get rid of the image of a disposable product. No wonder, because most packaging is made for practical purposes, is cheap and not particularly high quality. However, the currently noticeable trend is moving more and more towards sustainability  and quality. Customers are sometimes justified in spending a little more on a beautiful gift box with a lid that can then be reused.

The variety of gift boxes with lids

High-quality gift boxes with lids are now available in many colors, which can also be individually combined or designed if desired. The boxes shown even consist of three elements. A base, a middle section and a lid. The base and lid can be removed and, for example, exchanged or put together differently.

The long-lasting alternative to run-of-the-mill gift packaging – gift box with lid

Premium gift packaging is of high quality and has an above-average durability. The so-called hard cardboard boxes are manufactured to the highest quality level using the most modern technology. The cardboard is stable and the edges are well made . The lid fits exactly onto the core and is so tight that it cannot slip or wobble. The gift box with lid is designed so that reuse is possible and expressly desired.

A nice packaging experience

The gift box with lid can be opened and closed at any time during packaging without leaving any traces. This offers the opportunity to configure or expand the gifts later.

A special unpacking experience

A gift box with a lid is also a lot of fun to unpack. If you cover the lid with a beautiful linen structure, for example, it gets a very special feel. The recipient's senses are thus addressed as soon as it is opened.

Gift box with lid vs. run-of-the-mill packaging

From today's perspective, there is not much to be said for a standard, run-of-the-mill gift box. The only thing that might be a little lower with this variant is the price. Retailers usually offer poorly produced packaging made of thin, flimsy material. Here it makes sense to switch to high-quality gift boxes.

Geschenkkarton mit Deckel

Easy to use – robust and high quality

Gift boxes with lids are easy to care for because the lid can be easily opened and closed without leaving any major signs of wear. In addition, a lid as a separate element looks very elegant and valuable.

High-quality and sustainable gift boxes with lids – a must for corporate gifts

Companies in particular should act as role models. Regardless of whether it is about production and manufacturing, internal matters such as employee gifts or marketing and customer loyalty in the form of customer gifts. Every process is followed from the outside or carried from the inside out.

Pack customer gifts sustainably

Use for gifts to customers, Partners and employees high-quality gift boxes with lids. This ensures a wonderful gift experience, shows that sustainability is important to you and inspires people to do the same.

Robust and high-quality gift packaging can remain in circulation and be used for internal gifts. Simply communicate the origin of the packaging right away. Tell the story of the packaging and send it on new journeys.

The robust gift box can easily transport contents of up to 7kg.

The advantages at a glance

  • Opens and closes easily without leaving any signs of wear
  • Can be reused and re-gifted many times over
  • Great packaging experience when opening the box
  • Durable and sustainable
  • The lid and middle section can be individually combined and color-coordinated to suit the occasion or the company
  • Turns packaging into a reusable product


Whether for employee gifts, gifts for business partners or customers, opt for high-quality gift boxes with lids! Not only do they guarantee a special look, they are also easy to open and close without compromising on quality. This is a sustainable way to give gifts, as the robust boxes can be re-gifted. The life cycle of the packaging is thus extended and you as a company set an important example in terms of sustainability.