Corporate gifts and their benefits - tips & inspiration

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Ein ehrlich gemeintes Dankeschön ist etwas ganz Besonderes. So wie im privaten Bereich die Geburtstags- oder Weihnachtsgeschenke, gibt es auch im geschäftlichen Bereich bestimmte Anlässe, zu denen sich ein exklusives Firmengeschenk anbietet. Sei es als Dankeschön für die Zusammenarbeit oder zum Firmenjubiläum, ein Geschenk kann wahre Wunder wirken.

Why corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts to the management of a company are a nice way to say thank you and a charming way to be remembered. Anyone who receives something usually wants to give something back, it's human nature. You can take advantage of this with a sincere, creative and individual gift. Of course, you don't necessarily have to design an individual gift for every company or cooperation partner, as that would be almost impossible in terms of time.

  • To say thank you in a charming way
  • To bring your company to mind
  • To strengthen the bond

For which occasions are corporate gifts suitable?

The year offers plenty of opportunities for corporate gifts. Above all, Christmas is used by many companies to promote themselves Thank you to business partners and customers. But especially outside of big celebrations, company gifts can have a big impact. Especially during the stressful Christmas season, gifts quickly get lost in the flood of presents.

  • For Christmas and other celebrations
  • For company anniversaries and corporate events
  • Product launch
  • As a thank you for in between

Which corporate gift is the right one?

It is impossible to say which corporate gift is the right one. Depending on the occasion and recipient, the gift must be individually tailored. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all corporate gift that you can stockpile for the next event, because one thing is required above all: individuality.

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Why you should never give run-of-the-mill corporate gifts

Gifts are something nice, whether private or business. However, a gift should always be individually tailored to the recipient. Take the time to create something of your own and don't just fall back on familiar corporate gifts that your recipient has probably seen and received many times before.

A personalized corporate gift flatters the recipient. This is because it shows the intention and effort you have put into the gift. Time, which is more valuable than ever in today's stressful world.

The benefits of corporate gifts - save taxes

Corporate gifts not only strengthen customer loyalty, but also bring you as a company direct benefits in the form of taxes that you can save, because corporate gifts can be claimed as business expenses if you observe the following rules.

A company can tax gifts up to €35 per year and person at a flat rate of 30% of the value. If you as a company pay tax on the gift, the tax office will regard this as a further gift to the recipient. The gift should therefore remain well below the value limit of €35 so that the total amount is deductible as a business gift.

Properly packaged! So your company gift is particularly well received

They say that first impressions count. And so it is! The external presentation is important, be it for restaurants, products or even gifts. To ensure that your corporate gift is particularly well received, you should follow a few packaging tips. This will make your gift a complete success.

  1. Choose high-quality packaging Packaging made of robust material. Your company stands for quality! And your gifts should also radiate this.
  2. The right surface. Choose matt or glossy packaging depending on the occasion and gift. The feel activates other senses, emphasizes the value and contributes to the overall impression.
  3. The type of packaging: a classic box, premium packaging or a magnetic box. Different packaging offers different advantages. Do you want something very special? Choose a magnetic box, for example. This offers a nice unpacking experience thanks to its magnetic closure.

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Find the right content

Companies like to give away wine or expensive whisky to their business partners. An absolute classic! Depending on the recipient, gifts of alcohol can also be perceived as negative. No matter what you give as a gift, pay particular attention to the selection. Choose the products that are special and unique from our wide range. Choose products that are not available in the nearest supermarket. No 08/15 products!

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