Customization - Why you should package corporate gifts individually

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No matter whether company presents for Christmas or for a company anniversary, Company gifts for business partners or customers, consolidate small gifts the connection. You can find out why you should pack your company presents individually here.

Your services are unique - but your corporate gifts are not?

You do a good job, that's for sure! And that's exactly why your customers and business partners enjoy working with you so much. You stand out from other competitors and offer services that are individually tailored to the customer - that is your USP, that speaks for your portfolio. 

Corporate gifts - the boost for customer lifetime value

There are plenty of tasks that arise every day in a company. These tasks take precedence and have a much higher priority than corporate gifts, which apparently have no great significance because no direct countervalue can be defined for this action.

Don't think in the here and now, think about the future.

Statistically speaking, company presents are a very good tool for Customer Lifetime Value, because just as in the private sector, sincere gifts also ensure a stronger bond in the business sector. Relationships need to be nurtured and constantly reinvigorated.

Give the right gift or not at all! Special corporate gifts

There are many ways to design corporate gifts or even buy them ready to send. These are mostly run-of-the-mill corporate gifts. Corporate gifts that Google displays in abundance when we enter the corresponding search term in the search mask.

Gifts can also have a negative effect

There are gifts that look loveless and unspectacular at first glance. These gifts are quickly labeled as utilitarian gifts that were selected and sent at the last minute. These corporate gifts have no lasting effect and may even be seen as negative.

The intention counts

A good customer is worth a lot and you are certainly aware of that. Take this appreciation as the reason for your gift and use it to define your intention. This is the only way to turn a functional gift into a sincere corporate gift with heart and soul. Start with carefully selected contents, look for suitable products and wrap them with individual props, decorations and a personal dedication in high-quality packaging. There are many ways to prepare a company gift in a very special way.

Individual custom-made products - the number 1 customer loyalty tool

In addition to traditional corporate gifts, there is also the option of customizing corporate gifts. We have a number of tools at our disposal that can turn a simple gift into a very special present.

More commitment, more sales, more authenticity

When it comes to giving gifts, commitment and turnover are also closely linked. People who give gifts often expect something in return, and they usually get it. Whether in the form of a gift in return, in the form of gratitude or loyalty, gifts arranged and designed correctly develop a lasting, tangible added value. The same applies to corporate gifts. Authentic gifts trigger positive emotions.

In order to achieve this state, it is important that the overall structure is individually designed. This includes the packaging, the inner packaging, the contents or inserts, props and decoration.

The inner packaging - exclusive options

Starting with the contents, a company gift offers almost infinite possibilities for individualization. The inside of the box can be equipped with high-quality custom-made products, individually tailored to your company.

Inlay cushion (exclusive inlay)

Noble and exclusive - an inlay cushion is a very special form of inlay. Nothing is done by machine here, everything is lovingly crafted by hand. The color of the inlay cushion can be freely selected. The material can also be tailored to the occasion or the customer. With different quality materials, it is possible to cover different budgets. From basic to premium to luxury variants. This offers plenty of scope for special design and creativity.

Depending on what is inserted, the contents are either placed freely between the cushion and lid or fixed in place with aids.


  • Particularly exclusive corporate gifts
  • Vouchers or thank you notes
  • Invitations to company events


  • The color can be adapted to the corporate design
  • The value of the material
  • The structure and surface of the material

Choose the right fabric

Thanks to the wide range of options, the cushion can be adapted to your company. For example, if you sell skin cream, choose a cushion with a soft, smooth surface. Simply choose the right fabric from a large selection - we will help you with this.

High quality and handmade

After you have chosen the right fabric, it is cut by hand and put into the Gift box glued. To give the pillow volume, the contents are filled with sustainable paper. If desired, the contents of the pillow can also vary.

Endless possibilities - high-quality custom-made inlays

As an alternative to the cushion, a foam or paper inlay can also be finished with fabric. This offers you completely new possibilities to create unique, exclusive packaging that will impress your customers, business partners or employees.

Cutting die (functional & individual)

A cutting die is made from paper or cardboard. Here it is possible to punch an individual shape. For example, if your company gift needs a recess for a product and slots for a voucher card, these can be created using a cutting die. This allows products/gifts to be optimally fixed in place. It is also possible to punch out a logo or lettering. The ideal starting point for giving the inlay a personal touch.

The cutting die is produced by machine and then inserted into the packaging. Both the color and the material can be configured from a wide range of options.


  • For special company gifts
  • For fixing products inside the packaging
  • Present gift items in the best possible light


  • Paper thickness, structure and color
  • Integration of fonts or logos by punching out
  • Shape and cut-outs

Foam mold

Foam molds also offer the possibility of individual custom production. Certain parts / shapes are removed from the foam sheet. As with a cutting die, for example, slots or cut-outs can be generated for the gift items. A customized foam mould not only looks elegant, but also protects and secures your products. The mold is available in various colors and hardnesses.


  • Fixes and protects the gift items / products of your company gifts
  • For individual corporate gifts that need to be beautifully presented


  • Foam color and hardness
  • Foam shape and recesses for products

The packaging - for custom-made company gifts

The market is full of packaging in all colors, shapes and sizes. However, if you want something more special and individual, it is very difficult to find suitable service providers or manufacturers. Many only produce very large quantities, while others only offer very limited options.

We bundle the know-how and the technical possibilities for individual packaging, even in smaller quantities.

Customized premium packaging with your message

Packaging that conveys your corporate design and message and also has an emotional impact - this could be the wrapping for your corporate gifts.

Premium packaging is made up of three elements. Base, core and lid. These three parts can be individually colored. This makes it possible to communicate your company and be remembered through the color scheme alone.

If you prefer something festive or colors to match Christmas, choose from shiny, metallic red, gold or silver tones. This gives you the opportunity to create your own special design, even for smaller quantities.

The premium packaging can also be finished with a print, embossing or sticker. 


  • Colors of base, lid and core freely selectable
  • Imprint, embossing or sticker
  • Size and shape
  • Material

Packaging with magnetic closure

In addition to the premium packaging, there are also high-quality magnetic boxes that can be customized for various occasions. The magnetic box closes with magnets that are integrated into the edge. This effect creates a very special feeling when opening and closing the box. This gives the packaging a high-quality character.

The magnetic box can also be customized and refined in terms of color, shape and size.


  • Color of the packaging
  • Imprint or sticker
  • Size and shape
  • Material

The props and highlights

Your corporate gift, which up to this point is already an incomparable custom-made product, can be rounded off with small props.

A gift ribbon tailored to the company, a custom-printed gift tag or a personalized insert addressed to the customer - the props take care of the fine-tuning.

Individual highlights

  • Personalized insert with a message or thank you note
  • Gift ribbon to match the corporate design
  • Individually designed or printed gift tags

In a nutshell

Corporate gifts for customers and business partners can be used as an effective tool for customer loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value. In this context, it is important to emphasize why you enjoy working with your business partner. Convey a sincere feeling and give with honest intent. To achieve this, you should definitely wrap your gifts individually. Customization gives you the opportunity to create very special packaging for your gift. The inlay cushion offers a very exclusive option. This is glued into the packaging by hand and filled with recycled paper. The fabric and filling can be configured entirely according to your wishes. This allows you to exploit the full potential and receive valuable benefits.