Christmas gifts for employees - What employees really want

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It starts again! The time of Christmas presents and celebrations, both privately and in companies. However, statistics show that Christmas presents for employees are often not well received. Many companies even forego small gifts altogether. What employees really want for Christmas and why they consider Christmas as Companies should urgently take this into account here.

Why you should never do without Christmas presents for employees

Your employees, your capital! Why not use THIS exact occasion to show your employees your appreciation? All employees and management have worked hard for the company for a year, the perfect time for a small thank you.

Especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers, you should respond to your employees in all areas, listen to them, react actively and take action. 

The magic word: Employee Experience

It's about paying attention, perceiving people and the needs of your employees. That they are not simply degraded to self-evident resources, but are given the feeling that they are a valuable part of the company.

Come - work - go - come and work again, without any apparent added value, without being noticed at all? Unfortunately, this is the rule in many companies and highly demotivating for employees.

Beautifully packaged and individually designed

A small gift, beautifully packaged, for example in a gift box and individually designed. Provided with a creative card and wrapped in beautiful gift ribbon. There are many ways to properly prepare Christmas presents for employees.

A third of German companies do not give Christmas presents to employees

If you believe a study, a third of German employees do not receive any attention in the form of gifts for Christmas from their boss. The Christmas present in particular is a small gesture, with a great symbolic character and an excellent opportunity for you to score points again at the end of the year and to bind valuable employees to your company.

A greeting card is not enough

A greeting card definitely proves that you haven't completely ignored the upcoming Christmas, but that's it. A greeting card is a penny product and at most shows that you commissioned your secretary or a trainee to design a Christmas card, but wanted to avoid any further effort. Take care of your human resources!

An inappropriate gift is devalued if it does not meet the employees' needs or is of little use

A valuable gift can therefore be devalued from the employee's point of view, as they are more likely to consider an expensive pen to be of low value. The situation is different if the giver and recipient know each other, as preferences can then be taken into account. Of course, this is difficult with large companies.

Theory: Over 70% of employees want vouchers

Vorweg: Only around 30% actually received these last year.

Employees' desire for vouchers results from the fact that companies' Christmas presents often do not cover employees' needs. The gift is therefore invalidated and often has no further use or added value for the employee. A voucher, on the other hand, can be used flexibly to purchase items that are actually needed.

The eye eats with you! Premium voucher packaging in high quality

Under no circumstances should you wrap your vouchers in standard, unstable packaging that collapses just by looking at it. Give the gift of quality, because that is exactly what your company stands for.

Vouchers - Tax-free Christmas presents for employees

Giving away a voucher as a company is not only good for employee retention, but also brings one or two tax advantages. Employers can give their employees up to €44 in the form of benefits in kind, such as shopping vouchers.

Vouchers do not have to be taxed

Vouchers are exempt from income tax and social security contributions within the statutory exemption limit. Since 2015, the exemption limit for occasion-related gifts has even been increased from 40 to 60 euros. Entrepreneurs can therefore also provide their employees with nice gift vouchers outside of Christmas, e.g. for birthdays or other celebrations.

Practice: But what do employees really want now?

More money - most people would probably answer almost reflexively. But let's ask ourselves at this point: "Is that what we really want?" On closer inspection, however, the answer is much more complex and terms such as appreciation and recognition come to mind.

Money as a motivator?

Empirical studies have proven for years that money as a motivator can only achieve a very short-term effect. For the majority of employees and managers, especially today in modern service-oriented companies, it is important to have a pleasant environment .

This is also urgently needed, as more than half of German employees feel that their work is not sufficiently appreciated.

Is the Christmas party really necessary?

In addition to Christmas presents for employees, the Christmas party is an important part of Christmas activities in companies. More than 70% of employees rate the Christmas party as a form of gratitude. At the Christmas party, companies can seek contact, give a speech and take care of their employees. It is therefore a very good opportunity to analyze the needs of employees and present yourself as a charming company.

☆ Practical tips from experts ☆

Use the expectation

It is simple, cost-effective and yet has a lasting impact on the culture of the entire company. And by the way, 'giving' is also an emotionally satisfying feeling for managers. After all, far too often in all the remaining working days of the year, performance and work have to be demanded of employees. Breaking this pattern for once is a unifying bond for both the recipient and the giver.

"Small gifts preserve friendship"

An old adage that is still completely true. After all, human psychology does not change nearly as rapidly as the modern world of work and the trend towards digitalization.

Martin Reckel has been an expert in human resources, employee management and, of course, remuneration systems in companies for 20 years.

The main advantage of Christmas presents for employees is that they are not subject to company practice. A term that describes the fact that repeated monetary payments made by employees can still be expected, a dangerous cost-intensive trap. Of course, he advises, the value of the gifts must be taken into account in the payroll in the monthly and annual exemption limits, but this is not a problem for the HR department or salary service providers involved.

In his experience, the accompanying cultural change that makes employees feel truly valued is priceless.

"Small gifts preserve friendship" - an old adage that is still completely true. After all, human psychology doesn't change nearly as rapidly as the modern working world and the trend towards digitalization.